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Tanbyamy Spraytanvätska 14% DHA

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Tanbyamy Spraytanning Solution 14% DHA 1 litre Perfect solution for all skin types that produce the longest lasting and an instant exotic dark tan without any orange tone. Tanbyamy solution leaves the skin hydrated and create an instant natural tan that continues to develop into the darkest colour available and the solution is streak free without the fake tan smell. Tanbyamy formula makes you feel sexier and the solution have the beneficial to disguise stretch marks, cellulite and fine lines. Development time 8 hours for best result. Made in Australia No Animal Testing

TANBYAMY  is located in the Sweden. But our product is made in Australia. TANBYAMY was established to provide the most natural looking tan in the market for the people who love being tan in a healthy way. Our products are sourced from the finest brands in the market.